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  • To make the best fruit enzyme for beauty, health and active lifestyles.
Our Business
  1. consultancy & education
  2. Fruit enzyme production for optimum health, beauty and active lifestyle.
  3. Equipment distribution
Our story

Gobi’s signature dish the Poire William Creme Brulee:

Outside Gobi’s store, the Poire William Creme Brulee poster attracts many passer bys:

  • The journey was shaped by two factors: economics and the desire to make low sugar vitamin packed desserts. Alcohol is expensive in Singapore. Instead of Pear Cognac which Gobi imported from France and the UK, the pear orange enzyme was infused into the Pear. The New Poire William resulted in a more delicious dessert and resulted in more sales.
Original Poire William  Creme Brulee Fruit Enzyme Poire William Creme Brulee


We brew our own Pear Orange Enzyme.The Fruit Enzyme took 60 days to mature.
The Pear took another 10 days to absorb the enzyme. This became our 70 day dessert. But the taste is out of this world. The Poire William Creme Brulee became even better and Gobi sold even more of it to the point that it was always sold out.

There’s a big difference between alcohol from spirits and fruit enzymes. The molecule structure are drastically different:
Structure of Alcohol Chemical Structure of Fruit Enzyme
Alcohol_vs_Enzyme_01 Alcohol_vs_Enzyme_02

The journey started when we secured out supply of high quality fruits for our fruit enzyme production.

20141012_032 20141012_038

We did a lot of R&D to get the recipe right for the perfect fruit enzyme.

We finally bottled our first enzyme after many trials.

20141118_03 20160305_076 20160305_133

We also figured out a way to reuse the fruit residual to make delicious jams that pack a lot of antioxidants.

20141225_028 20141226_03 20141226_01

We also didn’t throw away the fruit skins which are rich in Carotenes. We used the skins to produce our own line of tea that is healthy and filled with nutrients found naturally in fruit skins.

20160313_002 20160214_03 20160218_07

Our enzyme making was still pretty much a cottage industry. Very manual & labor intensive especially when it comes to cutting a basket of fruits like Pineapples. Not the easiest fruit to cut and blunts the blade easily.

We hired quite a few aunties (unskilled ladies who are over 50 years old) to cut fruits. One quite within 4 days as she found the work too laborious. Technology was the only way for us to overcome the manual labor. We studied various technology to improve our productivity. In Singapore, these technology were almost non-existent. We wrote to a few brew gurus to get what we needed. All told us that micro-brewery was the smallest brewery technology they hand. We wanted nano-brewery. We told them we were going to make fruit enzyme. The response we got, “huh? What’s fruit enzyme?”


So if you had come to Gobi Joo Chiat and notice two very strange 100 kg  contraption, it’s our mini-brewing factory. A lot of our friends thought us crazy especially with pastry shops and cafes were closing left right and center.  Here we are, with functional food that better alternatives to popping vitamin pills.
Gobi makes 4 types of enzymes at the moment. The average production of each enzyme is between 45-60 days. Currently our QC rejects 25%. We have a board of tasters headed by Celebrity Chef Sady Cerna  (a.k.a Hollywood Chef) helming the taste board and finally approval by Chef Jonathan. Every harvest goes to the board for a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

4_confidence_pineapple  Pineapple Enzyme for confidence. Pineapple enzyme is an effective detox to rid the body of heavy metal and toxins.
4_beauty_reddragon  The Red Dragon is high in copper, magnesium and iron. It’s the perfect beauty elixir.
4_power_orange  Orange enzyme contains ATP a catalyst to boost energy.
4_health_white  White dragon enzyme high concentrates of vitamins to help fight fatigue, diseases and is anticancer.

Sunday 10th April was our maiden load into our virgin fermenter.

20160410_022 20160410_061

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여행은 우리의 효소를 만들기 위해 높은 품질의 과일의 우리의 공급을 확보하여 두 년 전 시작했다.우리는 완벽한 효소에 적합한 조리법을 얻기 위해 R & D를 많이했다.
우리는 마침내 많은 시험 후 우리의 첫 번째 효소를 병에.우리는 또한 산화 방지제를 많이 팩 맛있는 잼을 만들기 위해 과일의 잔류를 재사용 할 수있는 방법을 알아 냈어.
우리는 또한 카로틴이 풍부한 과일 껍질을 버리지 않았다. 우리는 건강하고 과일 껍질에서 자연적으로 발견 영양분으로 가득 차 우리 자신의 라인을 생성하는 스킨을 사용했다.우리의 효소 만들기는 거의 여전히 가내 공업 작업이었다. 매우 매뉴얼 및 노동는 파인애플과 같은 과일 바구니를 절단에 관해서 특히 집중. 아니 가장 쉬운 과일은 잘라 쉽게 칼날을 무디게.
우리는 과일을 잘라 대부분의 아줌마를 고용했다. 우리를 종료하는 가장 빠른 4 일이었다. 기술은 우리가 육체 노동을 극복 할 수있는 유일한 방법이었다. 우리는 우리의 생산성을 향상시키기 위해 다양한 기술을 공부했다. 싱가포르에서, 이들 기술은 거의 존재 하였다. 우리는 우리가 필요한 것을 얻기 위해 대부분의 양조 전문가에 기록했다. 당신이 고비 주 Chiat에 와서이 매우 이상한 장치를 발견했다 그렇다면, 그에서 비행 장비의 몇 가지있어. 다음에 더.
우리의 효소 생산 기술을위한 공간을 확보하기 위해, 우리는 우리의 장소를 혁신 돈을 꽤 썼다. 우리의 친구의 많은 과자 상점과 카페가 오른쪽 중앙 왼쪽 가까워지고, 특히 우리가 미친 생각했다. 우리는 가게의 전면에 장비를 가지고보다는 뒷면에 숨길하기로 결정했다. 이것은 우리가 비타민 알약을 진열하는 대안이 있다는 것을 우리의 고객을 교육 할 수있는 좋은 방법입니다.
고비는 순간 효소의 4 가지 유형을 만든다. 각 효소의 생산 평균 45 ~ 60 일 정도이다. 현재 우리의 QC는 25 %를 거부합니다. 우리는 요리사 조나단에 의해 맛 보드와 최종적으로 승인을 helming (할리우드 요리사 a.k.a) 유명 요리사 Sady 세르나가 이끄는 시음의 보드를 가지고있다. 모든 수확은 ‘야호’또는 ‘아니’의 보드로 이동합니다.
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