Harvest 20160602: Red Dragon Fruit Enzyme

 It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s worth it.

We can produce delicious pure fruit enzymes that

is affordable and helps keep people healthy.

20160602_001 2nd harvest using the Gobi Gravity Brewster

From the sample valve:


From production valve:


The Enzyme is beautifully blood crimson,

a pure fruit enzyme.

The taste so pure that it perks up a 7:00AM harvest.

20160602_035 Letting the Gravity Brewster rip.
20160602_020 Beautiful pure enzyme piped directly from filter.
20160602_034 Clean and neat. Tarty, tasty and super healthy.
20160602_015 Red Dragon fruit enzyme bottled and ready to be drunk.


Do you know fruit enzyme? Learn about this nature’s miracle. It will help you stay healthy, be beautiful, fight cancer and reduce your body size. Brewbaga is Singapore’s only professionally fruit enzyme brewer. Call us to find out more about fruit enzyme and how it will improve your health. Call us 63452127

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