Harvest 20170606: Papaya Enzyme

Papaya contains a special digestive enzyme called papain, which is why it is most known to be a powerful digestive aid. But improved digestion helping the body to detox isn’t the only benefits of papaya– it can also help the body to heal wounds, to reduce inflammation, to purify the blood, and much more.

Papaya fruit enzyme for gut health, detox. All natural. Great tasting and good for health. Call: 63452127. Visit: 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598.


Our new blend of recipe mellows out the taste of papaya.


The papaya enzyme is a smooth citrusy flavor enzyme.

Brewbaga produces limited papaya enzymes. It rotation takes 60 days. The virgin bottle / first bottle of the batch is kept for our own consumption. Yes we do drink a lot of enzyme. That’s why we seldom if at all get sick.

We take Brix sugar reading over the period of fermentation to determine maturity.

This harvest yielded about 30 bottles of which 10 are already prebooked.



Brewbaga offers more awesome enzymes to help you get MORE out of life.

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