GoLua: Kahlua Pilot for Gobi Dessert

Brewbaga reached a big milestone in it’s brewing technology.
Brewbaga was commissioned by Gobi Dessert to make a good Kahlua that taste good that had low to no alcohol.
It’s almost an impossible task to make a coffee liqueur with zero to no alcohol.
It took our team quite a while but we manage to create a Kahlua tasting product using coffee with no taste of alcohol.
We nicknamed the product Golua, Gobi + Kahlua = Golua.
Golua was used for Gobi’s Blood Orange Coffee Liqueur Cake.

We also made a perfect copy of Bailey’s using Golua which we call Golua Crema with no taste of alcohol.

Gobi produced it’s first Espresso Bailey’s Souffle using Golua Crema.

Check back here after our lab testing for the Golua and Golua Crema. We’re expecting these products to have zero to no alcohol. The great taste of Kahlua and Espresso Baileys without the alcohol.

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