Harvest-20170330: Red Dragon Enzyme


This is the 6th harvest of the Red Dragon Fruit Enzyme. Even before we harvested it, the barrel was almost tapped out. We normally can get 30-40 bottles per harvest.


 The service and kitchen team  tapped about at least 23 bottles of enzyme before harvest for various reasons: customer sampling, desserts making ( crimson poire william and pink souffle).  
   We aged this batch almost 120 days, double of our standard. The super red enzyme is so smooth and you can feel the effect almost immediately. The feeling that you’re on top of the world. Arthritis gone, tiredness disappears and you feel like your whole body just recovered to 100%.
The slurry that we use to make red dragon enzyme jam is super rich. One of our customer bought ordered all of the jam which leaves nothing left for us. :-0  The Red Dragon sold out within the first day. We’ll be out of Red Dragon until June 1st. 


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